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Eurorest program is an initiative for promotion and development of the local tourism which started 20 years ago. The project aims at supporting primarily small and medium-sized hotels and guesthouses.

From the first years of operating, Eurorest has covered almost whole Europe. Till now almost 500 hotels from different countries have started to cooperate with us.

Our activities are aimed at activating the development of the small tourist sector in the low season. During that time small hotels and guesthouses are facing a problem with lack of Customers. Thanks to our initiative and promotional and marketing activitiesthe tourist facilities can gain new Customers and tourists can save on their holiday trips even several dozen percentage.

Additionally Eurorest promotes the development of individual tourism. This trend is becoming more and more popular among tourists. They notice that cost of an organised trip can be twice as high as in case of travelling on your own. Several offers and discounts provided by the transport operators, hotels, guesthouses or initiatives like Eurorest – are the factors contributing to that state.

The organiser of the action is:
TLG Travel Group, LLC
108 West 13th Street, 19801 Wilmington, DE
United States
Information Centre
Infinity Sp. z o.o.
ul. Św. Jerzego 1a
50-518 Wrocław, Poland
Tel. +48 662 365 198

NIP: 8982242558
KRS: 0000726672
REGON: 369945246