Planning your stay

Plan your holiday

It is up to you when, with whom and to which hotel you can go to. You also determine how long you will rest in your chosen facility. The maximum number of free nights to use in the hotel is determined on the hotel Voucher.

Validity period

The hotel Voucher expiration date is printed on the firs page of Your Voucher. If you’re not planning a trip right now, you may use Your free nights for the duration of the Voucher.

Do you plan to stay abroad?

In the description of each hotel honoring the Eurorest hotel Vouchers, you can read in which language you can communicate with the hotel staff. If you plan to relax abroad, the opportunity to communicate in a language you know can be an important criterion.

How can I plan?

Choose when you want to rest

Plan the period in which you intend to go on holiday and see in which facilities you can use your Voucher for free accommodation. For this purpose, you can use the search engine in the hotel Catalogue.

You must know that not all hotels whose offer is published in the hotel Catalogue accept the Participants of the Action throughout the year. Some hotels have designated periods during the year in which they invite the holders of Eurorest hotel Vouchers.

Choose your location and hotel

When choosing a hotel for yourself, pay attention to the standard of hotel equipment, as well as the attractions that await you in the town and region where the hotel is located.

Leisure facilities presented in the hotel Catalogue they were selected so that Participants of the Action could choose the appropriate location depending on the season in which they intend to rest.

How to book

If you have already received a hotel Voucher and selected a hotel where you want to redeem it, call and book your stay, letting the staff know that you want to arrive with the Eurorest hotel Voucher. The phone number and any other data necessary to contact the selected facility can be found in the hotel description in hotel Catalogue.

Eurorest doesn’t mediate in the reservation process. According to Eurorest Regulations Participants of the Action are obliged to independently book their stay in the facilities in which they plan to rest.

Voucher for 5 nights

Weekend is not enough!

With this kind of Voucher, you have 5 nights for 2 adults covered in any hotel. A perfect Voucher for an ... moreunplanned trip for two to family or not far locations and have a moment of rest from everyday life, without financial effort and special planning. Regenerate your strengths!

5 free nights
2 adults

Average price of 5 nights for 2 people in hotels

PLN 540

Today's Voucher price for 5 nights

PLN 148
The lowest price in the last 30 days is PLN 148

Voucher for 7 nights

Week of relax

Choose this Voucher to visit your favourite places in Europe or get to know its new, picturesque corners.... more You have 12 months to use the Voucher so you can plan your holidays also in next season. You have 7 nights for 2 adults covered.

7 free nights
2 adults

Average price of 7 nights for 2 people in hotels

PLN 690

Today's Voucher price for 7 nights

PLN 198
The lowest price in the last 30 days is PLN 198
Have a wonderful experience during your holidays
with the Eurorest Voucher!
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