By buying the Voucher, your overnight stays are already covered


The hotel Voucher is issued as part of the Eurorest program. It entitles the owner to free of charge overnight staysfor two people in one of the hotels from the catalogue. The number of nights may vary depending on the Voucher and it can amount to 3-14 days. Shall you possess several Vouchers they may be combined and redeemed during one trip.

The pool of available Vouchers is seasonally limited and established separately for each day.


The only obligatory cost while redeeming the hotel Voucher is daily catering fee.. The hotels provide free accommodation in exchange for paying the catering fee for the whole stay. The amount of the catering fees is individual for each facility and is stated in the catalogue next to the hotel.

Boarding in the hotel covers minimum 2 meals daily. Detailed description of the meals can be found next to each hotel.


Easy trip organisation. Voucher is valid for 12 months from the issuance date. During that time you can redeem it in a chosen hotel from the catalogue. It is important to make a reservation before arrival. You shall present the Voucher upon arrival and you will be exempted from paying for the accommodation.

Before starting your trip please read some tips regarding the holiday organisation with the Eurorest Voucher. Check the website Stay planning.

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Is the 1st time I've got a voucher and I am Very Happy with it.I don't know how my holidays will be,but I Sincerely hope that it will help my husband to recover from a mild stroke he suffered on mother's day this year.And I promis... moree I'll will let all of you know how did everything went,we are going to the North of Portugal(my birth place),and I hope my Husband enjoys it as much,as he did 6yrs ago in Lisbon.All the best to all of You...

Lia, Wiltshire

United Kingdom

Spędziliśmy z żoną wspaniały tydzień na łonie przyrody w m. Wierśnie w woj. podlaskim. Wspaniali gospodarze, wszystko ekologiczne i wyśmienita pogoda. Czego więcej potrzeba zmęczonym mieszczuchom ?

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Wojtek, Słupsk


2008 Aug.ban vettem a lptopom:sokkal többet neteztem:1 hét mulva jött a nyeremény:állatira BOLDOG voltam:most nyáron megyünk "VELE"nyaralni,a sok joóó hely közül még ne tudtam választani!!!!KAPASZKODJATOK MEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2009.MÁRC. 1-ÉN ÚJRA NYERTEM 1 Vouchert!!!!!!!!!!!HÁT VAN ILYEN???????IIIIIIIIIIIGENNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!A JÖVŐ ÉVI PIHENŐSZABADSÁG IS BÍZTOSÍTOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EUROREST:NAGYON SZÉPENN KÖSZÖNJÜK!!!!Alig hiszem el :-)Ha az ÉN TÖRTÉNETEM vlkit nem győz meg,az gyorsan lépjen ki erről az oldalról!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tófalvi Erzsébet(Erzsó, Budapest

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Voucher for 5 nights

A weekend is not enough!

With this kind of Voucher, you have 5 nights for 2 adults covered in any hotel. A perfect Voucher for an ... moreunplanned trip for two to family or not far locations and have a moment of rest from everyday life, without financial effort and special planning. Regenerate your strengths!

5 free nights
2 adults

Average price of 5 nights for 2 adults in hotels

PLN 400

Today’s price of the Voucher for 5 nights

PLN 98

Voucher for 7 nights

A week of relax

Choose this Voucher to visit your favourite places in Europe or get to know its new, picturesque corners.... more You have 12 months to use the Voucher so you can plan your holidays also in next season. You have 7 nights for 2 adults covered.

7 free nights
2 adults

Average price of 7 nights for 2 adults in hotels

PLN 560

Today’s price of the Voucher for 7 nights

PLN 128
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